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ktunnel online offers secure and lightning fast internet based on technology that offers stable and secure connections. If visiting web pages over secure connections is the aim, then you have come to the right place. This turkey based company promises to address your internet related worries. It is absolutely safe, as all regulations pertaining to cyber laws and protocol is tended to, in their attempt to provide a complete web experience that is so much different from traditional web browsing.


ktunnel online

Some of its advantages include doing away with pop ups of advertisements which can be a major botheration while surfing. Web proxies are used that help in this regard and ensure an effortless online experience. is all about privacy and aims to provide secure browsing while hiding your identity by not disclosing your IP address through the use of proxy servers and settings. This opens a whole new world of the internet for the user who can now access any website without any trouble and get a complete taste of the internet. This can also be helpful, when certain sites are almost necessary to access, but cannot be accessed for certain reasons. Users can always use proxy settings to visit these sites.


ktunnel online


Moreover, the web experience is improved due to minimum use of cache memory, and offers faster loading of pages, with less spams. functions through the use of proxies like CGIProxy, PHProxy and Glype. These are developed with server side programs as their models and help hide the IP address for anonymous use.















But this automatically brings forth the issue of abuse and misuse and the company offers high quality security checks to prevent that. Safety in terms of confidentiality must be kept in mind by users who enjoy this service. Now the work place becomes fun too with unlimited access to social media sites!